Co-Op Engineer Position - Mechanical Engineering
Location: Cincinnati



Must be currently enrolled in as an Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student.


Have you ever wanted to solve real-world problems and impact your surroundings? At Etegent, Coop students get a chance to do just that. Etegent  offers opportunities to make a difference in a wide range of fields, including medical, military and commercial. Specific examples of some of the tasks other coops have performed are:

  • Designed a test fixture to measure displacement accurate to 50 microns for a high speed press moving with accelerations greater than 100 times the force of gravity.
  • Conduct vibration measurement using state of the art instrumentation.
  • Developed 3-D models of parts, assemblies and drawings using SolidWorks.

The tasks performed by coop students vary and are based on the individual’s skills, interests, knowledge, and aptitude. Etegent  has a long history of working with coop students to help them achieve their professional goals. Typically coop students work closely with one of Etegent ’s researchers (many of whom have PhDs in an engineering discipline) to help implement the cutting edge technology. Coop students are constantly challenged to learn new technology. The general types of activities that coops will be involved in include testing and data analysis, design and construction of test fixtures, programming, 3-D modeling with SolidWorks, interaction with customers, interaction with vendors to select software and hardware, etc.


Interested candidates should submit a resume to:
Etegent Technologies Ltd
5050 Section Avenue
Suite 110
Cincinnati, OH 45212
Attn: Tom Sharp

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Thank you for your help in developing advanced verification capability for our flow meter products. We will be introducing this feature to the marketplace later this year. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your involvement...

Denis Henrot
VP of Engineering Micro Motion Inc.

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Etegent Technologies, Ltd.  
5050 Section Ave.
Suite 110
Cincinnati, OH 45212