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If you enjoy building innovative software and solving real world problems, you'll have fun working with us! Co-ops and Interns at Etegent get the opportunity to work on projects that make a difference in a wide range of exciting fields. Etegent conducts cutting edge research in areas such as:

  • automatic target recognition utilizing radar, multi-mode LADAR, image and vibrometry data
  • health monitoring of turbine engines and other assets
  • the development of tools to reveal hidden insights in massive, diverse sets of data
  • mechatronic product development

Etegent has a long history of working with co-op and intern students to help them achieve their professional goals. In fact, many of our full-time engineers began their careers with Etegent as co-ops or interns. We know first-hand the importance of providing co-ops and interns high quality experiences.



At Etegent, Coop and Intern students get the opportunity to work closely with one of our researchers to help develop and implement cutting edge technology. The specific tasks will vary based on the project and the individual’s skills, interests, knowledge and aptitude, but may include the design and development of software, database support, computer simulation and laboratory testing. Positions for Software Research Engineer Coop/Interns are available in both our Cincinnati and Dayton offices. In the past Coops and Interns have worked on projects in the following areas.

  • Developing and implementing analysis technology and software for aircraft radiographic, ultrasonic, visual and other nondestructive test data
  • Developing analysis tools to aid analysts in extracting features from vibrometry signals
  • Assist in the development of an innovative extreme environment sensor platform
  • Developing and testing user interfaces for evaluating machine learning algorithms, visualizing results, and interpreting algorithm output
  • Optimizing and accelerating algorithms for real-time processing
  • Designing, implementing and testing signal/image processing algorithms

Minimum Qualifications


(Our expectations will vary based on the education level of the applicant.)
  • Familiarity with Matlab, C++, Python, Java and Object Oriented programming
  • 3D CAD/CAM/CAE experience/interest
  • Applicant must be eligible to receive a U.S. Security Clearance which at a minimum requires applicant to be a US Citizen. See: Executive Order 12968 indicates U.S. Citizenship requirement to obtain a security clearance.

Preferred Qualifications

(Our expectations will vary based on the education level of the applicant.)
  • Prior experience with Matlab, C++, Python, Java and Object Oriented programming

The Candidate

More so than seeking a candidate with specific academic training and experience, Etegent seeks a special type of person; someone with an innate curiosity and passion for learning and understanding, tempered by a recognition of the pragmatic constraints inherent in developing real solutions to real problems. They are comfortable with abstract concepts and theory and can apply these to real-world problems. They conceive and implement fundamentally new approaches rather than just implement approaches gleaned from textbooks and technical papers. They are flexible and adaptable, having the desire and ability to learn new skills and theory in order to take on challenges outside their current realm of experience.

We are seeking very sharp, capable, curious, well-rounded, adaptable people who can learn and grow as required to confront the challenges at hand. An engineering student working to build a strong foundation in math and engineering/physics fundamentals, and with a true interest in enhancing their academic education through real world application will be a good fit for this position.

Additional Position Information

This position is paid and will be over 35 hours/week.

Majors Considered

Computer Science
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering


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