Apr 12, 2013

Awarded Air Force Phase II SBIR Grant

Etegent Technologies has been awarded a $750,000 Phase II SBIR contract from the U. S. Air Force to implement and assess new cognitve approaches to military data overload challenges.  The work will benefit National Air & Space Intelligence Center, Department of Defense, National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency and other intelligence production organizations, as well as civilian "big-data" applications.


Research completed by Etegent in a Phase I contract highlighted opportunities for cognitive acceleration for knowledge gain across various points of collection, processing, interpretation and transmission of both human and automated analysis activities,  For the next Phase, Etegent will leverage this research to address data through put/brittleness challenges, focusing on the development and assess opportunites for cognitve acceleration of knowledge gain by addresssing exploitation challeges associated with new Hyperpectral program.


"No matter how efficently humans manually compute and interpret data, we simply cannot keep pace with the modern data explosion", said Stuart Shelley, Principal with Etegent.  " The data overload challenge is exacerbated by the limited benefits of current automated or autonomous processing/exploitation that require significant human oversight and correction.  The next Phase has the potential to achieve significant increases in data throughput along with the quality and performance of integrated intelligence production systems.  This will help the ISR community to deal with the rapidly growing deluge of data from diverse and disparate sensors and sources".


Objectives of Phase II contracts are to continue the R&D efforst initiated in Phase I with funding based on the results acheived in the inital Phase and the scientific and technical merit and commercial potential of the projects proposed in Phase II.  The Phase I grant was completed in September 2012, and the Phase II grant was awarded in January 2013 with an anticipated completion date of April 2015.


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