Jun 3, 2015

Etegent Awarded Patent for Broadband Waveguide


Etegent was awarded a patent (No: 9048521) on June 2, 2015 for Broadband Waveguide. Congratulations to the inventors.

Inventors: Chris Larsen, Richard Roth, II, Struat Shelley, Aaron Hacker, and Adam Hehr

Abstract: A broadband waveguide incorporates various reflection suppression techniques to reduce reflections in signals communicated thereby. The waveguide includes one or more filaments that each include a first and second end. A first matrix may be configured proximate the first end(s) while a second matrix may be configured proximate an intermediate location between the first and second ends. A damping material may cover a portion of the filament(s) that extends from the second matrix to the second end(s) (including the second end(s) themselves) and/or the second end(s) of the filament(s) is/are shaped to at least partially suppress reflections of the signal therefrom. When configured with multiple filaments, at least two of the filaments may have differing lengths that extend from the second matrix and also operate to at least partially suppress reflections of a signal.

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