Core Competencies

Physics Based Data Exploitation

Etegent seeks approaches based on sound understanding of underlying physics to extract actionable knowledge from measured data. We have strong experience with radar, multi-mode LADAR, vibrometry/vibration and other data types.

Etegent addresses ATR, ISR and other intelligence gathering needs with innovative signal processing techniques that exploit the unique modes of data provided by modern LADAR systems. LADAR sensors can provide multiple data modes such as 3D geometry, polarization, multi-spectral and vibromety. These discriminants contain rich information that can provide valuable intelligence to the war fighter or intelligence analyst.

Etegent has developed and continues to refine innovative tools to assess and utilize both synthetic and experimental radar signatures, including HRR and 2D and 3D SAR. These tools provide both an ATR performance modeling capability and the ability to assess the saliency of CAD model components to important (to ATR performance) synthetic signature features.

Machinery Health Monitoring

Etegent is developing robust vibration, pressure and temperature sensors that can be used for monitoring in harsh environments, such as turbine engine combustors and areas close to main engine bearings.  These sensors enable prognostic health monitoring that is resilient to the real-world effects that plague current state-of-the-art vibration monitoring methods.

We are also developing physics-based techniques that require no training data to accurately estimate the severity of bearing/gear defects and are robust to real world variation in operating conditions.

Mechatronic Systems

Etegent has exceptional capability for design, analysis, test and deployment of complex integrated electro-mechanical systems; structural dynamics, sensing and actuation, analog electronics, digital conversion and embedded real-time digital signal processing and control are handled in a unified manner without imposing artificial boundaries.

This capability has been utilized in high performance pointing control experiments conducted on the International Space Station, for development of an exceptionally high performance stress-strain characterization machine providing an order of magnitude increase in capability for a Fortune 100 consumer products company, and for development of market leading and sales generating technology for process instrumentation for Micro Motion Inc., a division of Emerson Electric.

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Thank you for your help in developing advanced verification capability for our flow meter products. We will be introducing this feature to the marketplace later this year. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your involvement...

Denis Henrot
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