RADAR Automatic Target Recognition

Etegent has supported AFRL’s signature center for several years in the areas of statistical signal processing, signature formation, uncertainty analysis, and system integration.

One of the major challenges of designing signature exploitation systems is the inherent shortage of data for a statistically significant set of operating conditions (OCs) for the target set of interest.   To provide a larger coverage of OCs, physics models are often utilized to train a specific exploitation algorithm.  Although the OC coverage can be much larger than that available with measured data, there are discrepancies between a set of measured observations and the signatures predicted from the model.    The potential disconnect between measured and predicted signatures is further compounded by missing or incomplete truth information for the measured data of interest.

Given these challenges, the production of physics based signatures for consumption by an exploitation system is faced with several questions:

  • Is the physics model of sufficient fidelity to represent the target set of interest?
  • Which scattering phenomenology is responsible for particular exploitation tasks?
  • What is the expected exploitation performance for a particular set of targets?
  • How robust is the expected performance?

Etegent has developed  tools to answer these questions which rely on the  analysis of the underlying scattering physics in conjunction with models of the exploitation system.

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