Motion Control & Active Vibration Control

Mid-Deck Active Control Experiment (MACE II) [PDF]

SDL is member of team of researchers developing adaptive control systems for spacecraft applications. SDL demonstrated its Spatio-Temporal Filtering based control technology aboard the International Space Station.

Hot Dip Galvanizing: Steel Industry [PDF]

Problem: Vibration of steel sheets during the hot dip coating process causes non-uniformity of galvanized coating thickness. This non-uniformity forces the steel producer to place a thicker coating of zinc on the steel than is required in order to guarantee that minimum specifications are met.

Development of Hearing Protection for High-Noise Environments [PDF]

Problem: The AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratories) was seeking hearing protection improvements for use in high-noise environments. While protection of hearing is essential, communication is also essential to safety. Engineers developing improved hearing protection had to take both objectives into consideration.

Integrated Modeling & Vibration Analysis: Next Generation Space Telescopes [PDF]

Problem: Analyze vibration performance of a complex prototype structure using sub-system models provided by multiple contractors.

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