Signal & Image Processing

AMTRAK Vibration Analysis [PDF]

Problem: Railroad locomotive traction motors were unjustifiably failing vibration condition tests causing unnecessary tear-downs to be performed.

Vector Noise Cancellation [PDF]

Problem: Develop a system employing an array (2 to 8) of earpiece microphones to sense user's speech with high fidelity and simultaneously reject environmental noise using vector noise cancellation techniques.

DSP System Development [PDF]

Problem: DSP-based systems take an unduly long time to develop, with the bulk of the time wasted in converting the algorithm to C code.

Development of Hearing Protection for

High-Noise Environments [PDF]

Problem: The AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratories) was seeking hearing protection improvements for use in high-noise environments. While protection of hearing is essential, communication is also essential to safety. Engineers developing improved hearing protection had to take both objectives into consideration.

Development of Custom Board for Active NoiseCancellation Application [PDF]

Problem: The implementation of active noise cancellation into deep-insertion earpieces required DSP hardware with a very low turnaround time. Physical constraints in the problem force the total turnaround time for input, processing, and output to be less than 30 microseconds. An off-the-shelf solution that satisfied all of the requirements for this effort could not be found.

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