Vibration & Acoustic Analysis

Locomotive Traction Motors: Vibration Based Condition Assessment [PDF]

Problem: Railroad locomotive traction motors were unjustifiably failing vibration condition tests causing unnecessary tear-downs to be performed.

Vibration Monitoring and Control: Next Generation Space Telescopes [PDF]

Problem: Develop active and passive vibration control strategies to maintain space telescope mirror positions with 10 nanometer accuracy under thermal and vibration loads.

Paper Production: Calender Barring [PDF]

Problem: Self-excited vibration and related regenerative wear in paper machine calender stacks reduce paper quality and increase maintenance costs.

Tension Reel Fault Diagnosis: Steel Industry [PDF]

Problem: Unexplained tension variations in the steel sheet as it is coiled on its exit from a cold rolling mill were causing quality problems known as tension digs and sticker breaks.  Furthermore, the related motion of the tension reel assembly was leading to failures in its support structure.

Hot Dip Galvanizing: Steel Industry [PDF]

Problem: Vibration of steel sheets during the hot dip coating process causes non-uniformity of galvanized coating thickness. This non-uniformity forces the steel producer to place a thicker coating of zinc on the steel than is required in order to guarantee that minimum specifications are met.

Steel Production: Rolling Mill Chatter [PDF]

Problem: Rolling mill chatter, a form of self excited vibration, is a chronic problem in steel and aluminum mills which limits production, reduces product quality and increases maintenance cost.

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